Our Story

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Our Mission 

Future-proofing kids.

Created by educators for educators, Kupu Hou Academy is deeper learning workshops for teachers who are intentionally transforming their professional practices to make meaningful impacts in the lives of students. The sum of all effort is the emergence of fully formed higher-thinking students who are equipped to thrive in complexity and empowered to reach far beyond the classroom. Our greatest desire is for all students to be successful, global citizens who imagine, create and develop innovative ideas and solutions as productive members and leaders of their generation.

Our Approach

We believe every teacher can design powerful learning experiences.

Kupu Hou Academy at Mid-Pacific Institute was created by teachers for teachers to grow their professional practice through hands-on, interactive and collaborative design work in Deeper Learning. Our expertise comes from our own work in Hawaiʻi classrooms and translating this experience to supporting hundreds of teachers, across the state of Hawaiʻi and beyond.

Our deeper learning workshops were designed because of the wealth of data demonstrating that learning is more engaging and lasting with a Deeper Learning approach. In schools with Deeper Learning cultures, teachers experience higher job satisfaction and create powerful school communities. Deeper Learning principles strengthen both how teachers teach (pedagogy) and how they gauge learning (assessment).

Our knowledge in Deeper Learning comes from more than a decade of applied, innovative programs in Inquiry, Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, Reggio Emilia-inspired teaching, and state-of-the-art technology integration strategies at Mid-Pacific Institute. We have partnerships with faculty researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Research Schools International, Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab and worked closely with High Tech High, Envision Learning Partners, The Hewlett Foundation and other leading members of the Deeper Learning Network.

We use the Assessment, Standards, Product, Integration, Relevance, Experiential (ASPIRE) Framework to help teachers and leaders develop powerful Deeper Learning experiences. The ASPIRE Framework is used as a guiding lens that allows teachers to design and strengthen their project development to assure quality classroom implementation.

Our Deeper Learning Workshops:

  • Improve classroom learning through intentionally designed Deeper Learning experiences and support classroom teachers as they create original and powerful Deeper Learning lessons, inquiries and projects
  • Engender a love of teaching and invigorate teachers as they implement engaging and effective instructional practices
  • Connect teachers and leaders to the network of Deeper Learning practitioners in Hawaiʻi
  • Provide teachers and schools with specific tools, processes, and relevant research to apply the ASPIRE framework for Deeper Learning teaching and learning
  • Leverage the natural and cultural significance of Hawaiʻi in learning experiences

Kupu kupu fern

Kupu Hou Origins

Inspired by the indigenous Hawaiian kupukupu fern, a plant so resilient that it is often the first life to sprout on a barren lava field, the logo for Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy resembles a fern leaf and symbolizes growth and the sprouting of knowledge.

In Hawaiian, kupu hou means, “to sprout anew.” This name captures the mission and spirit of Kupu Hou Academy. By sharing the knowledge and experience gathered through the practice of Deeper Learning at Mid-Pacific Institute over many years, we empower educators and students to sprout anew through transformative Deeper Learning practices.

Like all things in the natural world, evolution is happening at breakneck speed. Students learn not because we tell them to, but because it is in their nature to evolve. Teachers plant the seeds and nurture a student’s natural curiosity to expand their thinking, so they thrive not only today, but for generations to come. Strengthened through deeper learning, our kids are resilient and ready to compete.

Visit the News page for the latest updates on how Kupu Hou Academy is impacting 15,000 students annually through Deeper Learning teacher and school leader professional development.