Deeper Learning

Why Deeper Learning

Project-based and deeper learning is powerful and purposeful, giving students the skills to succeed in the workplace of the future. Deeper learning experiences require students to challenge assumptions, be creative, and collaborative. Both on personalized paths and with their teams, students learn to conduct research and learn as they work toward relevant, community-based solutions—essential skills students need to successfully navigate the future. Deeper learning helps students answer the question of “Who are you learning for?” and the benefits of deeper learning are forever.

What is it

    • Dynamic, experiential, equitable student-centered learning
    • Develops competencies for real-world situations
      • Students project manage and problem solve
      • Encourages collaboration, leadership, and conflict resolution
      • Motivates self-directed learning and self-assessments of success
      • Teaches effective communication and persuasive presentation
    • A celebration of the learner
    • Meaningful work

Benefits for teachers

    • Students’ enthusiasm reignites teacher passion and positivity
    • Mindful learning design
    • Quick, iterative cycles

Benefits for schools

    • Demonstrates innovative and educational value for students learning from home
    • Maximizes enrollment and retention
    • Capacity builds—connects scholars, practitioners, and policymakers
    • Culturally responsive—respects and preserves cultural integrity
    • Creates equitable outcomes for all students

Kupu Hou workshops give educators

    • Access to world-changing thinkers and educational innovation
    • Powerful deeper learning lessons, inquiries, and projects
    • A blueprint of for the future that can be implemented (put in practice) today

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