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Kupu Hou Academy offers deeper learning workshops for powerful
educators who empower students to thrive in complexity.

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Deeper learning techniques equip students to think in bold
and inventive ways.

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Kupu Hou is by Mid-Pacific teachers, for all teachers.
We believe in reaching far beyond our own classrooms.

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Who is Kupu Hou for?

As Hawaii’s leading deeper learning professional development for teachers, Kupu Hou Academy reignites the passion educators have to inspire and open doors for all. Kupu Hou Academy brings everyone to the same table, Charter, Private and Public Schools, to create equitable outcomes for all students.


Career advancing and cutting-edge, our deeper learning workshops grow your professional practice through hands-on, interactive and collaborative design work.


Just as every learner is different, every school is different. We tailor our deeper learning workshops to work for your school, your time, and your budget.

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What We Do

Virtual Training

On your time, at your convenience, virtual workshops are perfect for today’s virtual world.  For Hawaii’s educators, we believe professional development should have no boundaries.

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Our deeper learning workshops empower teachers to prepare students for the real-world. We share strategies and practices to engage students by daring them to dig deep and think big.

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Open to anyone, we have a variety of free online events with micro-lessons on deeper learning, answer questions about completed workshops, and connect you with your fellow educators.

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Expanding Your Teaching Practice in the Age of COVID: Now What?

Whether you teach virtually, face-to-face or a hybrid of the two, this workshop will give you strategies, routines, and practical tools to support your instructional planning.

2-day workshop topics include: research-based ideas in how to support engaged learning.
- The ways authentic learning support relevance and purpose
- Collaboration strategies that work face to face and online
- Co-construction techniques to clarify what quality learning looks like

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Why Deeper Learning?

Project-based and deeper learning is powerful and purposeful, giving students the skills to succeed in the workplace of the future.

Love of learning

Students learn how to learn and how to love it. A celebration of the learner, deeper learning produces meaningful work that connects with students.

Future proof

Deeper learning develops competencies for real-world situations—it’s the blueprint for the future that can be implemented (put in practice) today.

Authentic Curriculum

Deeper learning is dynamic, experiential, equitable student-centered learning. Students project manage and problem solve. Deeper learning encourages collaboration, leadership, and conflict resolution.

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