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Kupu Hou appealed to me because this style of teaching works and is the most effective strategy for engaging students…The most reluctant teachers were reduced to tears because they left as firm believers and grateful for the experience and training…I recommend this training for all Districts, Schools, Administrators, Teachers, and staff.”

Camille Woods, Maui Complex Area Resource Teacher


Kupu Hou Academy offers one-hour, 90 minute, and two-hour virtual professional development sessions.

Virtual Maximum Number of Teachers Number of Hours Cost
Large Group Immersion 100 1 $500
Focused Workshops 15 1 to 1.5 $300
Tailored Coaching 5 per 1-hour session 8 $1,600


4 Focus Workshops,

and 8 hours of Tailored Coaching

Includes 1 Large group 13 $3,000


Kupu Hou Academy offers one-and two-day workshops on-site at a date and time that is convenient for you.

Workshops Number of hours Cost per person*
One-day 7 $200
Two-day 14 $375

To register for the extended series Designing for Project-Based Learning, Designing for Project-Based Learning Level 2, or Wonder and Discovery: Teachers on an Inquiry Journey, visit the Extended Series Registration Page.

EXTENDED SERIES Number of hours Cost per person*
(The original four-day)
Designing for Project-Based Learning
36 $800 (includes lunch, fall and spring follow-up sessions)
Optional pre-workshop site visits available for $50 per attendee (includes lunch)
PDE3 credits available for $75
(Three-day) Designing for Project-Based Learning Level 2 21 $600
(Six-day) Wonder and Discovery: Teachers on an Inquiry Journey (for preschool and elementary) 36 $1200 (Six, six-hour meetings over the course of one year)
PDE3 credits available for $75
(Year-long) Creating an Inquiry-Based Community of Leaders and Educators 49 meeting hours plus site visits Contact for more information

*All prices subject to change. Packages of school-year workshops combined with the four-day Designing for Project-Based Learning extended series can also be arranged. All workshops may be custom-designed for specific grade levels or subject areas. Additional costs may be included for custom workshops.

Students are making connections to the Kupu Hou essential question in moments outside of unit lessons and work time. They are connecting it in other subject periods as well as ‘life.’”

Cecilia Chung, Kaimiloa Elementary School, Hawaiʻi State Teacher of the Year