Virtual Workshops

Kupu Hou Academy and Hawai’i Technology Academy present
Virtual Workshops

Kupu Hou Academy helps educators grow their professional practice through hands-on, interactive and collaborative design work in Deeper Learning. On your time, at your convenience, our virtual workshops are perfect for today’s virtual world. Available to Hawaii’s teachers and beyond, we believe professional development should have no boundaries. Our professional development workshops share strategies and practices to engage students in the journey by daring them to dig deep and think big. 

Kupu Hou Academy presents
Summer Workshop Series

Whether you teach virtually or face-to-face, we help you reimagine what teaching can look like. Our workshops build your resilience and deepen your capacity.

PADDLE Workshop 3
July 19, 20, 22, 23

Day 1 – Principles of PBL/SEL and the ASPIRE™ framework
Day 2 & 3 – Learn and Design Your Project and Choose a Focus on Distance Learning, Early Learners, or Deeper Learning Strategies
Day 4 – Refine, design, and deliver your plan!

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“Aloha ʻAina Academy: Ocean Food Systems” workshop
July 12-16 (9 – 12 HST)

The “Aloha ʻAina Academy: Ocean Food Systems” workshop is designed to help teachers:

• Understand and demonstrate basic ocean systems knowledge and skills;

• Cultivate a sense of place, practices for ocean conservation, marine life needs for optimal health, and the connection between healthy oceans and human health;
• Align the basic ocean knowledge and skills to appropriate national and Hawaii State standards;
• Design and implement ocean food-system based lessons, activities and assessments to meet Hawaii DOE system-wide HĀ outcomes;
• Apply teaching techniques and practices, including design thinking, for effective student management in the outdoor classroom.

The workshop and the PDE3 support are funded by the “Hawaii Online Portal for Education” (HOPE).

We have secured scholarship funding to support your tuition; to qualify, we have the following requirements:
— Attend all session days
— Create Aloha ʻAina ocean food system-based curriculum, and Implement in Fall 2021.
— Submit a PDE3 portfolio that demonstrates the implementation of your project ideas by December 31, 2021
— In Spring 2022, attend trainings and complete template for your project for inclusion in Hawaiʻi Online Portal for Education (HOPE)

Upon the completion of phase 2 above, you will also receive a $1000 stipend.


We offer virtual one and two-hour workshops for preschool through high school teachers, department heads and school leaders, led by Mid-Pacific Deeper Learning expert Dr. Mark Hines and other certified Kupu Hou Academy instructors. These workshops are most effective when they are bundled with a tailored eight-hour block of small group coaching to best support the implementation of the topics. All workshops may be custom-designed for specific grade levels or subject areas. Our personalized learning experiences fit your schedule and budget.

For more information, email kupuhou@midpac.edu or call (808) 441-3993 to find out more!