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In response to the changes in education inspired by the COVID-19 outbreak, we have redesigned our resources to best support teachers and leaders. We know you value our expertise, specific guides and strategies, and examples with resources. To make this expertise available, we have moved our work virtually both synchronously and asynchronously to best provide opportunities to help you adapt in this challenging environment.

Kupu Hou Academy offers a variety of professional development workshops for Virtual and Distance Deeper Learning instruction. These are one and two-hour workshops for preschool through high school teachers, department heads and school leaders, led by Mid-Pacific Deeper Learning expert Dr. Mark Hines and other certified Kupu Hou Academy instructors. These workshops are most effective when they are bundled with a tailored eight-hour block of small group coaching to best support the implementation of the topics. All workshops may be custom-designed for specific grade levels or subject areas.

Pricing for the workshops can be found in the “Register” tab above.

Kupu Hou Academy and Hawai’i Technology Academy present:

October Workshop (Workshop ended): Expanding your Teaching Practice in the Age COVID: Now What?
A Joint Effort of Hawaii Technology Academy and Kupu Hou Academy

Description: In this 2 day workshop we will support teachers in applying practical, research-based ideas in how to support engaged learning. Whether you teach virtually, face-to-face or some other combination you will see examples and put into practice tools, strategies and routines that will add to your growing instructional planning.

Day 1 Topics will include:

  • Collaboration strategies that work face to face and online
  • Driving Questions and Design Challenges to create focus and purpose
  • Assessment strategies that strengthen feedback and expand equity 

Day 2 Topics will include:

  • Strategies and templates to guide instructional planning that enable student choice and flexible pacing
  • The ways authentic learning support relevance and purpose
  • Co-construction techniques to clarify what quality learning looks like

During the two days you will consider how these techniques can be part of  your virtual and face-to-face classroom planning and receive feedback on the best ways to implement this with your students.

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Group rates and payment invoicing possible. Inquire at kupuhou@midpac.edu.

This training was so impactful and engaging. The instructors made it really easy to want to do all of the activities because now more than ever we need this guidance to move forward into DEEPER online learning."

I am beyond excited to incorporate the use of the multiple virtual tools that we got to use through out this experience."

**FREE** Byte-Size Learning sessions from Kupu Hou Academy:
Expanding your Professional Learning by teachers for teachers

Kupu Hou Academy was developed by teachers for teachers to support their professional learning. The unprecedented events caused by COVID-19 have not changed our core mission to give teachers and school leaders committed to transforming schools the tools and support to bring deeper learning to life in classrooms everywhere.

We have redirected our work to support the shift in schools to virtual and asynchronous learning environments. To support your professional growth, we are offering free synchronous 30 minute strategy sessions bi-weekly. Links to these events and resources are located here: http://kupuhou.midpac.edu/virtual-services/

As we work together, we will continue to listen and adapt our response to best support you. We are all part of an educational community that is committed to making a difference and supporting each other.

Topics for Fall 2020 listed below. All events are at 4 pm HST.

Topic: Setting the tone - the role of icebreakers, stokes and energizers in building class culture. Wednesday September 23 4:00- 4:30 pm. Link to session zoom room here.

Research shows that creating safe, connected learning environments increase student engagement and performance. Icebreakers act as a means to build community and address emotional states of learners to create a safe place for learning. We will look at a variety of strategies and resources for bringing icebreakers into your work. Bring your best ideas and be prepared to share!

Topic: Using Vlogs (Video Bogs) to capture student voice and learning. Wednesday September 30 4:00- 4:30 pm. Link to session zoom room here.

Video Blogs provide a means to bring student voice, reflection and feedback into your classroom. We will look at some research and practice using FlipGrid as a means to bring VLogs into your work.

Topic: Collecting Formative Data - Forms, Chats Documents and other strategies. Wednesday October 14 4:00- 4:30 pm. Link to session zoom room here.

Formative Assessment strategies provide a means for teachers and students to receive and exchange feedback towards their learning goals. We will look at a variety of strategies to expand your formative assessment tool set, and ask you to contribute your best ideas as well.

Topic: Hyperdocs - creating engaging pathways for learning journeys. Wednesday October 21 4:00- 4:30 pm. Link to session zoom room here.

HyperDocs are a digital curriculum pathway that include opportunities for rich media options as well as clear places for students to show evidence of learning. In the session we will show examples and discuss

  • What is the purpose of Hyperdocs?
  • How will students interact with the document?
  • How will you offer choice?
  • What resources do you want to curate for students?

Topic: Strategies for using interactive virtual whiteboards. Wednesday November 11 4:00- 4:30 pm. Link to session zoom room here.

There are a number of free resources available to include virtual whiteboards as a part of your instructional practices. We will look at how they can be used to build collaboration and address A wider range of learning styles and strategies. We will look at Jamboard and Explain Everything as two examples of potential digital whiteboards.

CANCELLED: Topic: Community Partnering: How strong partnerships can engage your students virtually.. Wednesday November 18 4:00- 4:30 pm. Link to session zoom room here.

In this session you will learn about the philosophy and Benefits of community partnering, the types of service/partnering, models for working with community partners and see examples of student community partnering projects. Be prepared to add to your list of powerful community partnerships!

Future Dates and Topics to be announced

PBL Virtual Curriculum
Deeper Learning Pedagogy
Technology Integration
Early Learning/Elementary Focus
Coaching Block 8 pack -Tailored Coaching

These online sessions have helped me with my continued professional learning.

Ann Berg, Kailua Intermediate

Custom Design Workshops are available based on school-specific Needs. Please contact us to discuss topics and pricing.