Virtual Workshops

Kupu Hou Academy and Hawai’i Technology Academy present
Virtual Workshops

Kupu Hou Academy helps educators grow their professional practice through hands-on, interactive and collaborative design work in Deeper Learning. On your time, at your convenience, our virtual workshops are perfect for today’s virtual world. Available to Hawaii’s teachers and beyond, we believe professional development should have no boundaries. Our professional development workshops share strategies and practices to engage students in the journey by daring them to dig deep and think big. 

Kupu Hou “Snacks”
FREE Byte Size Learning

Whether you teach virtually or face-to-face, we help you reimagine what teaching can look like. Our *FREE* 30-minute “Snacks” are byte-size but powerful strategies and tools to build your resilience and deepen your capacity.

Building Community and the Social Aspects of Learning
Thu Jan 14th, 4 pm HST

When we design learning that includes opportunities for emotionally safe spaces and honoring student voice we create a more powerful learning environment. We’ll look at recent research, especially in virtual learning and we will share and reach agreements around what kinds of learning activities might foster community and emotional safety in our classrooms.

Patting Your Head While Rubbing Your BellyJuggling Virtual and FacetoFace Students
Thu Feb 4th, 4 pm HST

Teachers have been challenged with designing lessons that work for both virtual and face-to-face students. We will look at case studies and research-based strategies for ways to support the most powerful kind of learning. This will include addressing both virtual and face-to-face learning with our students.

Formative Assessment That Creates Deeper Thinking in Learners
Thu Feb 25th, 4 pm HST

Formative Assessment strategies provide a means for teachers and students to receive and exchange feedback towards their learning goals. We will look at a variety of strategies to expand your formative assessment tool set, and ask you to contribute your best ideas as well.

How Relevance Creates Engaging Learning. Ideas To Make Your Curriculum Come Alive!
Thu Mar 11th, 4 pm HST

We will look at examples from many disciplines of teacher and student work that used relevance as its core to drive the learning. We will talk about the ways in which relevance engages learners, Identify the place is where relevant intersects with are expected learning standards, and add to a growing list of relevant topics and ideas for learning in our schools.


We offer virtual one and two-hour workshops for preschool through high school teachers, department heads and school leaders, led by Mid-Pacific Deeper Learning expert Dr. Mark Hines and other certified Kupu Hou Academy instructors. These workshops are most effective when they are bundled with a tailored eight-hour block of small group coaching to best support the implementation of the topics. All workshops may be custom-designed for specific grade levels or subject areas. Our personalized learning experiences fit your schedule and budget.

For more information, email kupuhou@midpac.edu or call (808) 441-3993 to find out more!