Mid-Pacific Institute’s Kupu Hou Academy Offers Free, Virtual Workshops for Teachers in Hawaiʻi

Mid-Pacific also offers new virtual learning series online:Student-centered approach of “Deeper Learning” promotes critical-thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration

HONOLULU – Mid-Pacific Institute’s Kupu Hou Academy today announced it is offering free virtual workshops and collaborations for teachers and leaders statewide during the shelter-in-place order for Hawaiʻi, as teachers prepare for a new teaching reality due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy will also continue to provide professional development workshops for Virtual and Distance Deeper Learning instruction.

The state’s foremost leader in “deeper learning,” a way of engaging students of any age through project-based and inquiry-based teaching methods, Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy hosts dozens of highly interactive workshops each year by teachers, for teachers and school leaders at both public and private schools statewide. These classes are offered not only in Hawaiʻi, but also internationally in China and Japan. Deeper Learning strategies and techniques taught by Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy are proven, and offered via virtual, face-to-face, and blended learning classrooms for immediate application.

“Many teachers statewide are adjusting to the virtual learning platform and preparing for a possible new reality in fall 2020. We wanted to create a collaboration space for them to meet with other teachers and share ideas and strategies to prepare for virtual learning,” said Director of Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy Mark Hines, PhD. “The Deeper Learning approach is a proven, data-driven method that results in amazing outcomes – both for the teacher and the student. Our mission is to share it with as many teachers as possible, to positively impact Hawaiʻi’s students.”

Nearly 20 free virtual sessions are planned for April, and anyone can attend, no advance registration required. For a full list of free offerings, visit kupuhou.midpac.edu/events/. Topics include:

·                 April 18/Assessment and Sitting Beside

·                 April 21/Interactive Maps and Databases: Ways to use Map Visualization to Stretch Thinking

·                 April 23/Use Image and Video to Broaden Understanding

·                 April 29/Virtual Language Learning Lollapalooza

·                 April 30/Inquiry-based PLC

·                 April 30/Tools for Students to Analyze Data: Math Modeling

Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy offers free classes

·                 Ongoing/ Coffee Klatch Check Ins – Live unstructured video gatherings for connections, questions and support

For teachers, department heads and school leaders interested in attending a professional development workshop, visit kupuhou.midpac.edu/virtual-services/. These one- and two-hour sessions, led by Dr. Mark Hines and other certified Mid-Pacific Kupu Hou Academy instructors are custom-designed for specific grade levels or subject areas. Topics include:

·                 Project-based Learning Virtual Curriculum

·                 Deeper Learning Pedagogy

·                 Technology Integration

·                 Leadership

·                 Early Learning/Elementary Focus

·                 Tailored Coaching

These one and two-hour workshops are most effective when they are bundled with a tailored eight-hour block of small group coaching to best support the implementation of the topics.

Deeper Learning is an active, student-centered approach that promotes critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration; essential skills students need to successfully navigate the future. Deeper Learning addresses the following:

·                 Mastering academic content

·                 Thinking critically

·                 Solving complex problems

·                 Communicating effectively

·                 Working collaboratively

·                 Learning how to learn

·                 Developing academic mindsets


Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy offers highly interactive, educator-led, customized workshops in deeper learning that spark the joy of teaching and learning. The instructors – teachers themselves – provide hands-on guidance to develop lesson plans that bring deeper learning and renewed creativity directly into classrooms. Through interactive and collaborative design work in Deeper Learning, the goal is for all students to be successful global citizens who create innovative ideas and solutions, and become productive leaders of their generation. By developing Deeper Learning skills in teachers at Mid-Pacific Institute and across the state, Mid-Pacific’s Kupu Hou Academy impacts roughly 15,000 students each year. For more, visit kupuhou.midpac.edu


Mid-Pacific Institute is a preschool through grade 12 independent school in Honolulu with 1,500 students nestled into 43 acres in lush Mānoa Valley. Founded in 1908, Mid-Pacific sparks the joy of learning and nurtures the individual passions within every student, so lessons are learned for life. Students create their own future, and enjoy an engaging, supportive educational journey by solving real-world problems, and have fun along the way. This caring environment allows for both failure and success, where students learn perseverance and resiliency. 

Students directly benefit from Mid-Pacific’s partnerships with leading researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab alongside multiple local museums led by the Bishop Museum. First-in-Hawaii programs include The Entrepreneurs Lab, School of the Arts, the Immersive Technology Program and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, to name a few. The Mid-

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